Managing Online Solutions for Okanagan Business



To serve small business better with integrity and honesty.

  • We will be straightforward with analyzing your online needs and strategy.
  • We will not up-sell you to unnecessary services nor will we down-sell you to get your business.
  • Website and social media components need to meet your business needs and stand the test of cost benefit.


Experience to Serve you:

  • Twenty + Years
  • Certified Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Analyst
  • Worked in Public, Private and Educational Sectors
  • Worked in and operated small businesses
  • Local and International Experience
  • BBA Okanagan College/UBC Okanagan
  • Studied International Business Management in the Netherlands


Let us know how we can help you succeed.


Voicemail: 1-778-802-9915 / Email:


Thank you for your wise counsel as usual always appreciated.

Wiz B.   

Thank you so much, I am glad you know how to do (all these) things!

Brig C.   

Always so knowledgeable and the best customer service.

Judy L.   


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Website Design
Web Hosting
Social Media Marketing
Digital Design
Video Services


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